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Europe is one of places in the world with plenty of tour destinations which are famous and well known around the globe. Some countries in this continent are popular among tourists and tour to europe is one of favorite activity for people all over the world. Italy is one of the destination when travel to Europe and according to the tourist statistic data in 2013, over 47 million tourists per year visit this country and make Italy as the fifth rank as the most visited country in the globe after France, US, Spain and China. This country attracts tourists both domestic and international because of its richness of culture, history, art, fashion not to mention the cuisine which is remarkable around the globe. Tourism sector then becomes the most profitable industry for Italy economical growth.

The tour destination to Italy is widely offered for europe tours from usa and from various places to visit, one of them is Rome. This capital city of Italy cannot be explored in a day because it has kind of giant outdoor museum exhibition. Many historic sites and shopping spots also the history and art as well culture tourare available in this city. Collosseum, Pantheon not to mention Trevi Fountain where the tourist can toss a coin and mention a wish. Italian cuisine is also available in this city so not only enjoying the architecture, tasting the delicious pastas and other Italian special meals can be memorable experience. Deliver the desire to shop with awesome shopping experience in Via Veneto or Campo de’Fiori.

Milan is the second destination city when tour in Italy. This city is also one of most visited city in the world. Not only it is famous for the football club, the tourism object of Milan are plenty especially for its architectural objects including Duomo and Piazza, Teatro all Scala, Sforza Castle and one of busy tourist spot in Milan as well the most tourist visit is the Milan Cathedral. Other cities which become popular tour destination in Italy are Florence as the Renaissance city, Venice which is famous for its canals and art of hand-blown glass, Pisa where the leaning tower, Pisa is located. There are still plenty other tour destination to indulge the eyes with beautiful arts and architectures, impressive history and delicious cuisine to taste. To enjoy the scenery of coastal, Mediterranean Sea is great to visit. Italy is a wonderful destination for europe tour.

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